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Raden Panji Ahmad established an independent philanthropic organization along with friends on helping individuals to escape poverty through innovative training of (supply-and-demand) business fundamentals. Raden Panji Ahmad believes that institution pioneering to set this motion is vital to end poor individual destitution dependent on cash because the fact is to be businessman one does not need to have degree like professionals would. Our foundation was also built based on the belief that ‘one single tree’ could bring impactful benefits and potentials deeply valuable to its surroundings. Symbolizes for what a ‘single human action’ can bring many benefits for the community.

We plan to improve the lives of the people through projects, for example, free short public speaking and seminars, distribution of staple goods, cleanliness packs, and stationery for kids in the chosen region, latently teach breadwinner of the families about business-approaches to procuring simple cash for living and subsidizing strong projects in the field sport, in particular, soccer. We believe that if the necessities under one roof of father, mother, and kids are met, then it will improve the quality of lives and amplify accomplishment as far as potential held by each of their roles in full, and results in a significant increase of work profitability.
Management Office of Cipta Damai Abadi, Uluwatu Square, Jl. Uluwatu Raya No. 178, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Bali 80361
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