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Company Profile

Company Profile

Cipta Damai Abadi was established back in March 2018 by R. Panji Ahmad, as a mother company to many of our companies. Cipta Damai Abadi is a diversified company operates in 3 great areas of Indonesia: Jakarta, Madura, and Bali. Our work starting from upstream, consisting of sustainable development of products and human resources, and, work that can be done even in the toughest culture, to downstream, where our company able to creates high-quality products and services with the more reasonable price in our national market.

Property managed solely by Ciptada currently reaches more than 15.000 meters wide of land in Jakarta and Bali with more than 100 employees in total. Ciptada also established local wisdom company in 2016 in Bangkalan Kota, Madura, Garam Raksasa, in partnership with local farmers community of Sampang and Pamekasan that still operates until today, producing around 350+ tons of salt monthly and holds up until 13.000 tons of crude solar salt yearly to fulfill all the needs around East and West Java. We also currently open 3 food brands this year, such as the legend, Warung Nasi Ampera in Jimbaran, and, De Madureesche Koffie en Barbier, and Bakso Serbu in East Jakarta. We also had our first step in outsourcing services which had a total of 44 projects across the island of Java, some parts of Sulawesi, and also West, Central, And East part area of Kalimantan until today.

Our commitment to sustainable development, culture conservation, and community development supports our business operations so it can run smoothly. We strive towards what is best for the community, best for the country, best for the environment, best for customers, and best for the company. Cipta Damai Abadi is nothing but a company that believes in the principle of 'Anak Rantau’, meaning that we will always respect, appreciate, and prioritize native culture and custom because local trust is very important to us in running our business. However, we want to thank all of our stakeholders that have been supporting us until the present days, because your trust is everything to us. Just like our business foundation and the tagline says, everything starts and #BuildOnTrust.
Management Office of Cipta Damai Abadi, Uluwatu Square, Jl. Uluwatu Raya No. 178, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Bali 80361
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